Co Parenting After Divorce

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The Inquisitr

Britney Spears' Ex-Husband Kevin Federline Talks About The Secret To Their ...
The Inquisitr
When asked the secret to their co-parenting success, the former dancer divulged. “Time. Time heals everything. The family is great. It's been a long, long journey, but I think where both of us are now, we both have somebody else we're happy [with ...
Kevin Federline: Time heals everythingBelfast Telegraph
Kevin Federline says time heals everythingWinnipeg Free Press

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People Magazine

Nick Cannon: Coparenting with Mariah Carey Is About 'Staying Focused'
People Magazine
The America's Got Talent host, who's the face of Snapple's new #LOVESNAPPLE campaign, tells PEOPLE his and Carey's status as friendly exes is "truly" due to their children, 4-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe. As for their secret to coparenting?
Nick Cannon Reveals His Secret To Co-Parenting With Mariah Carey Is 'Focus
Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Divorce: Co-Parenting Secret of Ex-Couple ...Parent Herald
Nick Cannon Says He and Mariah Carey Remain Friends for Their ChildrenHeadlines & Global News

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Family Relationships: Co-parenting with your ex can be difficult
Savannah Morning News
A reader asked: “I was married for 12 years and we recently divorced. We have joint custody of our 7-year-old son and argue almost daily about how to raise him. I just want us to get along. How can I make this happen?” Co-parenting with your ex can ...

Amber Rose Opens Up About Co-Parenting With Wiz Khalifa
On Thursday, we asked Rose about how they're working to make co-parenting a positive experience. “I definitely think that you have to work on it,” she told MTV News on the red carpet at Universal City Walk's AMC Theaters for the premiere of her new ...

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Hunterdon Prevention Resources presents Co-Parenting: Building Stronger ...
Subsequently, effective co-parenting also involves encouraging the children's relationship with the other parent and protecting them from issues in which they have no influence in solving, such as disagreements between the parents. Overall, co ...


Don’t Stay Together For The Kids

Unfortunately divorce is extremely prevalent these days. Even still, there are parents who believe they should stay together for the sake of the children. They believe children need two parents in the household to grow up and be successful individuals. And while I understand why parents feel this way, truth be told its not true. There are literally millions of children who grow up in single parent homes and they have managed to go on and live very successful lives.

As a matter of fact, some children, now adults, said their lives actually improved when their parents got divorced. This is because their perspective of marriage, relationships  and love in general changed. They now have more realistic expectations.

If you are honest with your children about the divorce it can actually prove to teach them some very important lessons. For example, often times couples get divorced because they married too young. They fell in love and rushed into it. As they got older they realized it just wasn’t meant to be. Instead of staying together for the sake of the children, getting a divorce can show your children they should take their time and not rush to get married.

Staying together only shows them they should stay in an unhappy and often unhealthy situation for the sake of someone else. That’s not the message you want to send to your children.

Yes, co-parenting is difficult but it can be done effectively. Now don’t get me wrong, getting a divorce is painful for all involved and it will take time to put it in perspective. But as your children get older they will have a much great appreciation for their parents. Especially if both parents remained active in their lives.

The most important piece of advice I could give parents is to never stay together for the sake of the children. Just because you get a divorce does not mean your child will become a statistic. Separate parenting works great when done the right way.

You may think you are doing your children a favor by staying together but your not. Children can sense tension. They know when their parents aren’t happy. Its unhealthy for them to live in a home where there is constant fighting. That’s not the image of marriage you want your children to see.

Trust me, your children can survive a divorce. Millions have gone through it and they turned out just fine.

3 Great Organizational Strategies for Parents Working From Home

Pajama-man-working-from-homeBeing a parent is already tough enough. But being a parent who happens to work from home, that’s even tougher. It can be very difficult to carve out the time you need to get things done when you have a two year old running around the house screaming for no apparent reason. If this sounds like you don’t worry. I have a few very simple strategies that will keep you organized when working from home.

#1 Designate An Area Just For Work

If you have a spare room start using it as your designated work area. If you don’t have a spare room you need to find an area in your home that you can designate as your work area. Let your children know this is an area they are not allowed to go into. Having an area you can go to when its time to work will make it easier for you to keep everything organized.

#2 Create A Schedule

Even though you are working from home you should still have certain hours you will work everyday. You need to sit down and create a schedule. How many hours are you going to work each day? What time will be set aside to return phone calls and respond to emails? What can you do while your child is watching their favorite movie?

You have to be accountable for every minute of your day. If you aren’t time will get away from you and before you know it the day will be over. The key is to be flexible when creating your schedule. Since you work from home you have quite a bit of flexibility and can experiment with different hours to see what works best.

#3 Use Naptime To Your Advantage

All children have a naptime. This is the perfect time for you to get things done without any interruptions from the little one. Anything that requires your complete focus should be put aside until naptime. The key is to avoid trying to do EVERYTHING that needs to be done during naptime. Its not possible. Focus on what’s most important and everything else can be done later.

Moving Your Home Office

home-officeAs work at home parents, we know the process of moving a home office can be difficult. Hire a moving company in vancouver to take the time to follow the blueprint that you want, regarding the layout of your home office. You certainly want to make sure that any hardware that helps you at your home office is placed in the best spot. A customer should not have extra stress put on them because a moving company does not have a good idea where to place important items. You want to make sure that a company takes care of things like your bookshelves, particularly if you use the shelves for research purposes.


A south surrey moving services can also help you find storage space until you find more room in your home office. The storage space can be fairly helpful until you complete the expansion of your home office. A parent that is moving to a new community has to worry about making sure their kids are comfortable, it makes sense to not move forward with different projects until you are ready. Many people have to be able to know where minor things like stamps are going to be located in a home office, this is why you need every inch of space in a home office. A home business often has to have a good organizational system in order to succeed.


People can now have daily conversations with business partners from their home office while a business partner is in another country. A good moving company in greater vancouver can help you make sure that your home office looks very good. If you have a hard time finding certain items in your office, it can impact your ability to close a business deal. The stress of not being able to find an important item can impact your ability to parent. A good moving company can help you deal with all of these different issues and make sure a situation gets dealt with properly.

Langley Marketing for Google

If you’re a small business centered in Langley bc seeming to join up with search engine marketing techniques but are not certainly how then seem no longer. Comprehending the thing you will need to do and suitably training your self in an area like search engine marketing techniques is a crucial towards attaining the objectives you desire to realize. So look over this insightful post and see what information relates to you personally.

Print to your own local viewers, maybe not for that web search motor. Search engines are more intelligent these times than actually considered potential. They could fundamentally discover content-established to the reactions of a valid human feeling. A web search engine will understand what you do and rank your web site lesser, if you repeat key word overly many examples.

Do Not neglect to fill in the ‘About Me’ bins of all of newsgroup memberships and one’s social networking. These spots tend to be ignored, but they are a great website to get a swift lift message in your business. Be sure to include your on-line address and any social networking user names you need to support.

Using comprehensive verbs inside your verbiage next-for your key word will hook searches which make use of the exact same words. “Gentle plush pet” is fairly sure, showing your website locate yourself at the top of the results substantially more purely as most other websites that won’t get therefore detailed within their search engine marketing.

For those individuals who have a WordPress web site, mount the “Allinone Search Engine Optimization Pack” helper application. This plug-in optimizes your WordPress website for search engines mechanically. It really is potential to typically use the typical alternatives furnished or totally customize the plug-in to hook up your weblog’s unique Search Engine Optimization requisites. The helper application can be ideal for distinct WordPress extensions, including Car Meta and Ultimate Tag Soldier.

Among the essentials of research engine optimization, is targeting your place. If you’re looking to cause more customers in Langley, subsequently make sure you optimize your web site pages for Vancouver, BC and Langley. That is the system of an excellent key word for each unique page in your web site. Keep from trying to foster your complete website around one specific key word or phrase. You are going to realize greater standing by focusing your authorship on each website around an unique key word or key word phrase.

Make sure you meet principal terms in prices, if you’re searching for anything online. So the phrase you sought for is in all the search engine outcomes your gains are filtered by this. This might enhance your search procedure, enabling you to get desire you desire quicker.

With all the present information you found you should have a bigger comprehension of what you’ll enjoy related to it and how investigation ngineoptimization operates. Recall that having a subject like research engineoptimization you think to regularly develop your info on the market to see when you attempt this achievement will surely follow, what pertains to you personally.

If you’re buying a professional, langley Search Engine Optimization firm – give webgarden a phone. We can assist with your langley search engine marketing needs. Not in Langley? Our Surrey SEO Company can help you Looking for an affordable website design in Langley

Buying and Moving to a New Home is Family Affair

family-vancouver-home“Today’s homebuyers aren’t always such as the conventional nuclear family group of yesteryear,” claims P. Barnett, senior supervisor of individual credit for TD in Vancouver.

Nowadays the recently separated or widowed — and also a lot more singles — skilled people are buying home.

The financial institution is also viewing the “collaboration of two households, or siblings and parents combining their assets to buy a house for everybody to reside in.

“Alternatively, a deposit present may be offered by parents for their kids to buy a condo.”

And much more of those types of preparations are happening in B.C. Only 60 percent of B.C.’s homebuyers are committed or “partners.”, although 67 percent of home buying nationally is performed by families and partners

There’s substantial possibility of fighting about spending choices associated with choices and repairs, and renovations about whether so when to market, while several family memebers are on title is on the mortgage doc.

Think about it as urban densification on the microcosmic level. It’s no solution that strata councils are affected by difference; where home possession is subdivided exactly the same might possibly maintain accurate in conditions.

The remainder are area of the growing, low-conventional marketplace.

Cooperation usually produces a larger deposit; co, if it’s 20 percent of the price – purchasing mortgage standard insurance can be avoided by customers. And, obviously, regular mortgage repayments become simpler.

A Feb mix-Europe study for that lender by Environics found several quarter of B.C. Participants who purchased lately, or were likely to purchase quickly, meant to create or currently created the purchase by themselves.

It’s probably the higher versatility indicated by B.C. Citizens is associated with insufficient cost within the property industry, particularly in Vancouver.

Barnett decided price may be the large element in determining to synergy. But lifestyle factors may also are likely involved.

Several third noted they actually would rather to “buy with another party or family member even if they might manage to purchase on the own.”

Participants stated they believed the low-conventional path was a “great method to enter the actual property marketplace,” in contrast to 41 percent nationally.

Possibly a customer includes a puppy that can’t be left alone, or aging parents they would like to support, or even the customer really wants to prevent isolation.

Barnett warns: “There is likely to be authorized factors to purchasing with two events, and low-conventional customers could be recommended to obtain appropriate advice.”

Which may be feasible rip-roaring battles: get ready for some agonizing compromises and a pleasant method of stating.

Whatever its issues, such low-conventional possession can be an indication of the changing times, specifically for young, first-time customers discovering it difficult to break the marketplace.

Therefore it may understand how better to market its lending options the financial institution frequently commissions study on customers.

In Vancouver, where property moves to get a king’s ransom, joining on a mortgage often means the distinction between possessing and renting.

Discussing home-ownership can also be getting common within the Vancouver housing market.

In B.C., 17 percent who currently possess or intend to purchase a pad currently share possession with buddies, parents or even more than one era of the household, or intend to achieve this.

If you are intending on moving to a new home the movers in Vancouver want to mention that you should be sure to hire a professional vancouver moving company to help with all of your relocation needs.

Mirco Living in Vancouver

vancouver_micro_homeMicro studios in prime cities are proving therefore popular, aspiring B.C. customers have been lining up outside — suddenly — to buy them.

Thursday and this could be the response to Vancouver’s home affordability disaster, at least for younger individuals, an Urban Land Institute seminar was informed.

Thousands of city coordinators and contractors from across The United States are in the town this week, communing about problems linked to development.

At the periods, Vancouver is being extensively touted as an idyllic civic ecosystem: livable, eco-friendly and, sadly, pricey as hell.

Vancouver’s micro attics — strata components in some properties, leases in the others — generally, are developed for a bicycle-adoring, environmentally aware, modestly resourced, under-32 age cohort, although they additionally are pulling some solitary pensioners, these seeking a pied a terre in town or parents needing lodging for college-aged off-spring.

The smallish size — beginning at 265 square-feet — indicates the models are more cost-effective and the truth no onsite parking garage is provided makes them more inexpensive to develop.

Although programmers sometimes have now been allowed to go smaller minimal size for such suites in Vancouver formally is 298 square-feet. Foldout dining tables and under-counter refrigerators — they’re stated to provide adequate storage area for a snowboard or kayak, while models are streamlined — some with Murphy beds.

They bring in rents in downtown Vancouver ranging from $400 to $800 a month. Does not seem to be any that economical on provide at the minute. there judging from present listings, these teeny condominiums might market for about $200,000, even though

“What you’re doing with micro attics is trading dimensions for place,” describes Jon Stovell, president of Reliance Qualities.

Reliance re-furbished a Downtown East Side resort in 2011 and purchased. With a zero promotion budget, the corporation rented out the resultant 30 micro models in seven days, utilizing Craigslist.

In 2012, Reliance produced more than 100 micro models, costing $120,000 to $200,000., and chose another old resort, this time in downtown Victoria They offered like hot cakes. “Individuals were arranged in garden chairs.”

The computer programmer says the home model is just not as probably to perform also in settings outside the town center because those purchasing miniature are seeking to the around neighbourhood to become their living-room to pay them for what they are maybe not getting in relation to private living space.

The Geny buyer, most importantly, needs accessibility to conveniences: a fitness centre, cafes and eateries, parks, transportation system, dog walking regions (60 % own animals, virtually constantly a puppy), states Stovell.

They’re not enthusiastic about possessing automobiles and do not want much storage because “they do not purchase things,” stated Matt Griffin, a Seattle programmer, on the summit panel with Stovell.

Griffin developed on the motif of modest home, pointing to his Via6 improvement in downtown Seattle, that offers streamlined units but is less centered on affordability.

Each of the 600-plus 715 square-feet and models quantify between 500 and lease from $1,175 a month. The creating, meanwhile, provides tons of on site neighbourhood conveniences — in other phrases, “a community.”

Via6 adapts bicycle store, eatery, food store, barber shop and a coffeehouse. There Is additionally entry to a backyard deck and a 7th-flooring easiness sofa with grill grills and communal tables, and a theater.

Spaces for societal participation, together with fitness and wholesome living choices, are proving increasingly popular for strata customers throughout The United States, in accordance with the Washington DC-based Urban Land Institute.

In Vancouver, it seems as if the principal focus for programmers will be to keep issues affordable with miniature abodes in great places.

Moving to Vancouver: To Lease or To Buy?

That’s the ultimate question when you are moving to Vancouver. Does one continue to rent or do you set that money towards purchasing a spot you truly own? Perhaps the best option is always to hire, once the housing market becomes expensive. But what if you’re missing the ability to obtain in on Vancouver’s developing property industry? Let’s get an of instance the Professionals and Cons of each and every. If you are moving to Vancouver, consider hiring Vancouver movers to help with your move.

Vancouver Mover
Vancouver Mover

Renting – CONS: And why may more rental units be offered within the next several years? Because not only could be the rental industry tight, rendering it difficult to find the right rental system, but many of the items are housed in older properties which are in desperate need of changing. What this means is spend a bit more, to locate a newer hired product, and you may have to search far and wide. And just forget about creating a lot of modifications to your living area – that which you discover if everything you get. Accessories, coloring and even image hanging might need prior approval. And if you possess a pet, consider carefully your search for a hire that much tougher.
Renting – BENEFITS: The Vancouver housing market is merely out of reach for all new homebuyers. Many individuals view the actual estate in Vancouver as overvalued and that can suggest the bubble will burst. As a tenant, you are protected from building a significant expenditure over a residence that could probably lose money on the backside. With rents improving at a price of a maximum of two-point-two-percent annually, as mandated from the provincial government, being a tenant has a distinctive advantage. It is certainly cheaper to rent a system than own one now in time. Should you hire, you’re one of many – more than fity percent of Vancouverites are renters. Also, new rental units are arranged to come online within the next many years, meaning picking a rental products might quickly raise.

Moving to your First Home as a Homeowner
Obtaining – PROFESSIONALS: There is no greater fulfillment than buying your house. You are able to elect to do what you want together with your house, without any authorization or anxiety about dropping from a safety deposit for dangling one a lot of pictures to the wall. Using the Vancouver housing market to the rise, buying a property brings better value to you and increase your belongings. And you may simply elect to become a landlord having a residence, enabling better revenue and an enlargement of the housing portfolio.
Buying – DRAWBACKS: as well as increasing your housing portfolio, having a property may develop your costs exponentially. Maintenance, additional expenses and fees will eat into your allowance. Factoring these charges in can be an essential part of analyzing whether or not investing in a house will be the appropriate financial move. When something goes wrong – cracked toilet, dripping faucet – it’s your responsibility to correct it or find someone to manage the task.
Naturally there are important benefits and drawbacks to renting and buying. Whether or not you are choosing to get or selecting to hire, each month you will have to create that cost examine. And in any event, you are accountable as a tenant for your landlord – whether that’s someone else or that’s you.
If you should be considering a move to Vancouver, whether you are renting a condo or buying a home contact our – us for an inexpensive Vancouver Mover aiming to take care of your new property, your belongings along with your furniture! Visit our website for more information.

More and More Families Are Moving to Surrey

MovingIf you’ve been thinking of relocating somewhere cheaper than Vancouver, this is a great time to consider the city of Surrey. Consisting of over 5 communities, including Guildford, Cloverdale, Morgan Creek, White Rock and Ocean Park, the city of Surrey offers endless opportunities for sports, culture and fun! Surrey City has something for everyone – whether you’re looking for an athletic club, an active retirement community, an exclusive neighborhood or a great place to raise a family, we’ve got it in Surrey.

It’s easy to get started on your home search – first contact a local realtor who knows the Surrey area well and discuss what you’re looking for. Meet with your lender to establish what you can afford, and then begin house hunting! Give your realtor the details of what you’re looking for along with a list of must haves and your budget so that s/he can put together some possible properties. Then you should plan a visit. Spend a couple of days getting to know the local neighborhoods and when you’ve decided which areas you love, your realtor can sort through the listings and show you potential homes.

To ease your move, try to familiarize yourself with the city ahead of time: subscribe to the Surrey Now or the Surrey Leader Newspaper – your realtor should be able to recommend other resources for your new neighborhood. Make contact with Surrey local clubs, groups and faith organizations. Starting to network before you move will help you put down roots faster when you arrive.

You will also want to get started on choosing a local moving company.
Surrey has an award winning public school system and several local collages and technical colleges. Job growth in the area has been huge. In fact, Surrey was ranked number one for largest metro markets for employment growth last year. This coupled with the fact that there’s a strong buyer’s market in Surrey right now, makes it a great time to think about relocating. You have lots of choice and room to negotiate. Interest rates are still low, so this is the time to buy – don’t wait to move to Surrey because the house prices are going up!